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Proactive Network Health Services


Today’s Network Operations organizations are hard pressed to keep up with the demands of network growth, customer requests and base level event and alarm handling. As a result, network assurance teams are mostly reactive in nature, waiting-and-watching for something to break, swivel-chairing between disparate supplier management systems or associated direct interfaces (i.e CLI) and not ready to take on proactive network management.

LightRiver provides proactive monitoring of optical network health for companies that are not ready to invest in a network management system nor have the personnel required to proactively manage their critical Optical Network infrastructure and customer services.

Introducing WaveWatch™

LightRiver’s WaveWatch™, which provides the automation, advanced data & analytics and Optical Engineering personnel to take action on these issues before they are service disrupting and/or reduce the impact of
those impairments that are unavoidable.

WaveWatch™ leverages netFLEX® for data collection, trending and learning algorithms to make the data ‘actionable.’ Autonomous Networking is used to automatically detect, test, isolate and either auto remediate an issue or notify the LightRiver Network Health Engineer to respond appropriately. netFLEX has industry-leading optical technology support for multi-vendor and multi-generation solutions to include network disaggregation (Open Optical). Technology platforms include Routers, ROADM, DCI, Line Systems, Pluggables and broader.


The netFLEX automation platform is hosted by LightRiver and would be either:

1. Cloud-based (Software-as-a-Service via AWS, Azure, etc.) with secure access to the customer network (preferred)

2. Onsite Appliance with remote VPN access


A dedicated LightRiver Engineer will gather baseline data from the network, establish automation profiles (Intent Based Networking) and set-up proactive notifications as defined against the Service Level Objectives for the customer. After upfront automations and baselines are programmed, the Engineer will:

  • Access the netFLEX Platform daily/weekly and provide monthly reports to the customer on the performance of their network (as well as timely updates if exceptions occur).
  • proactively monitor the deployment to verify the system is running properly.
  • review the various performance monitoring reports and look for chronic issues.
  • Provide capacity monitoring and management is also provided on behalf of the customer.

Customers may also request specific wavelengths or circuits be given special attention and monitored even more closely. The netFLEX platform will be configured to automatically notify the Engineer immediately for any of the following issues:

  • NE Loss of Visibility 
  • Database Backup Failure 
  • Critical OTN Alarms 
  • Critical Client Alarms 
  • Out of Spec Light Levels
  • Degrading Light Levels
  • Other High Priority Item


  • Proactive vs Reactive handling 
  • Drives down cost of credits paid out from missed SLA’s 
  • Creates a less stressful work environment 
  • Improves the customer experience

As more proactive issues can be resolved prior to a service interruption, the number of reactive issues trend downward. This allows for controlled maintenance work that is meaningful, fewer outages, less overtime and better customer satisfaction.


Customers are billed based on the number of active Wavelength Carriers and/or Network Elements under monitoring and management by netFLEX at a competitive rate. Volume discounts will be applied to large networks with large amounts of wavelengths to proactively monitor.

netFLEX Diagram_OnLight


netFLEX was architected for end-to-end network and service automation where realtime (discovered) inventory, actionable analytics and control automation were built for SDN abstraction to allow for uniform management of multi-vendor and multi-technology to

make it ‘all look the same.’ This comprehensive Optical Domain Controller Framework supports full life-cycle service automation of legacy and nextgen transport networks. netFLEX supports a full complement of network-health-automation leveraging data/analytics to baseline performance and make it all ‘actionable.’


  • SDN: end-2-end network abstraction
  • Multi-Vendor Solution
  • Network FLEXibility across every functional area
  • Programmability as defined by operator & customer
  • Enablement of UI & API for seamless digital experience