Software Defined Networks – Optical Transport Domain

From a Single GUI

LightRiver Software’s industry-leading netFLEX® optical management platform simplifies and improves the operation of transport networks. It seamlessly integrates multiple technologies and multi-generational equipment from multiple vendors with real-time Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance and Security (FCAPS) management.

netFLEX® software enables users to perform all operations and receive all pertinent network information seamlessly from a single platform. It provides a single browser-based GUI for DWDM, DCI, SONET, ATM, frame relay, digital cross-connect (DCS) systems and other network devices from a wide range of vendors including Adva, Ciena/Nortel, Cisco, Coriant/Tellabs, Fujitsu, Infinera, Juniper and Nokia/Alcatel-Lucent.

We are proud that our Clients trust LightRiver to support, optimize and integrate network technologies in a way that supports their business priorities and enables greater organizational agility and performance.

Accelerates ROI

• Multi-technology platform enables rapid rollout of new technologies and services
• Single management point for entire network enables cost-effective scaling and development
• Integrated platform accelerates service restoration and improves service availability

Reduces OPEX

• GUI with templates accelerates service provisioning, and reduces errors and truck rolls
• Integrated multi-technology platform reduces time and cost of service assurance operations
• Common operations processes across multiple technologies reduce learning curve and training costs

Lowers TCO

• Flexible, component-based platform eases network scalability across technologies
• Unified, multi-technology platform eliminates the need for and cost of separate management systems
• Increased visibility reinvigorates return on embedded technology

LightRiver’s special sauce is making your transition fast and simple and operations profitable


Expert team to support mature technologies and next generation applications in optimized networks for the world’s largest organizations.


Preferred access and expertise to quickly integrate and support next generation optical transport technologies.


To LightRiver, helping is selling and we are focused on helping organizations optimize network capabilities to generate measurable and meaningful business results.


With deep experience in Cloud, Telecom and Utilities industries.


Deep knowledge about mature and next generation networking products and applications, directly from the vendor.


The speed and quality of our network solutions are supported by established tools, methodologies and practices. Our primary asset is our team of 90+ professionals in Software Development, Business Development, Solution Architecture, QA, Customer Support, Professional Services and Project Management.