Multi-device type, multi-vendor,
multi-generation Transport Domain Orchestration

From a single GUI, the netFLEX® NMS/EMS management platform seamlessly supports both network and element management functionality across a wide range of network element and device types, including:

  • DWDM, OTN, SONET, DACS, Ethernet, MSPP, ATM, Frame relay, Digital radio
  • Multiple hardware vendors
  • Multiple generations of equipment and technologies


Complete and comprehensive Network and Element Management System

Additional layers of functionality are provided for the latest vendor network elements. netFLEX®  integrated NMS/EMS support for these NEs typically includes device management features such as:

  • Automatic network discovery
  • Database backup and restore
  • NE software download

At its most comprehensive level, netFLEX® NMS/EMS provides a complete Network and Element Management System adding full EMS capability across the NOKIA (formerly Alcatel-Lucent) optical device family of products and for members of the Cisco 15xxx family, Fujitsu 7120, and Adva FSP3000RE.

  • Equipment management – per card, per port, feature provisioning
  • Ethernet management
  • Many other NE system level settings such as ASAP Profiles, User Management, etc.

Whether used as a multi-technology multi-vendor network management system or as an element manager for optical products, the netFLEX® NMS/EMS management platform provides outstanding power and performance for the user. netFLEX® NMS/EMS equips users with end-to-end visibility and simplified, feature-rich management control of their networks. With its single consistent interface for managing multi-vendor NEs and devices it greatly improves network operations for providers, and significantly lowers operating and training costs.