The Industry’s Best Network Partitioning Solution Generates Revenue

netFLEX® Optical VPN (OVPN) is the premier vehicle in the marketplace today for end customer management of optical transport services. It allows service providers to offer access to customers of their owned or leased optical network equipment for self-management.

LightRiver Software’s unique web based netFLEX OVPN solution allows providers to partition customer networks, thereby enabling their end users to manage their own leased provider network elements. Service providers are able to view multiple customer OVPN networks in one view for network monitoring and provisioning.  netFLEX® OVPN can scale from a few users to thousands of users, each with their own permissions, preferences, and view of the network equipment they lease. Multiple levels of permissions can be administered by the end customers through their secure Web access. These levels include:

  • Real-time fault (alarms)
  • Scheduled and demand performance management (PM) data
  • Provisioning (A-Z and node-by-node circuit setup, rearrange, and disconnect), all of which allows customers to manage their networks from any location.

Using netFLEX® OVPN, providers can enable both monitor-only and full network management permissions on a per customer basis. All while the providers are able to monitor all the customer networks collectively in the same view. End customers are able to see and manage only those network elements specifically assigned to their control.

netFLEX® Optical VPN (OVPN) lightriver

netFLEX® OVPN can scale from just a few users to many thousands, each with their own:

  • Permissions
  • Preferences
  • View of the network facilities they lease
  • Auto-discovery with usage
  • Encrypted remote internet access from any location

LightRiver Software’s OVPN gives service providers the ability to allow end users to manage their own leased provider optical facilities.

Revenue generation

Service providers can also use netFLEX® OVPN to generate substantial revenues by offering Optical VPN services to end users. Privileging capabilities includes fault and performance management, as well as optional configuration management for end user and trading partner networks. The provider can further extend the provisioning, fault, and PM features on a customer specific, partitioned basis, with user-specific command privilege allocation assigned on a per user basis. The command privileges are always under the control of the provider. netFLEX® OVPN is a proven application in the marketplace and a premier vehicle for end customer wavelength management of transport and data services.

Service providers can generate substantial revenues by offering netFLEX® Optical VPN managed services to end users. 

Provider management services

Providers can use the capabilities of netFLEX® OVPN to manage customer networks on behalf of their customers increasing customer support as well as bonding to the provider while also offering significant revenue potential.

netFLEX® Optical VPN support includes DWDM equipment from the following vendors: Adva, Ciena/Nortel, Cisco, Fujitsu, Juniper/BTI & Infinera