Maximize efficiency

netFLEX® software functions as an “out of the box” network and element management system for legacy and next generation network elements from vendors such as NOKIA (formerly Alcatel-Lucent), Ciena, Cisco, Fujitsu as well as an extensive range of other vendor’s network elements. Support for additional NEs can be added by agreement.

Full EMS includes (where supported by the specific NE):

  • Network discovery
  • Software download
  • Memory backup and restoration
  • Port parameter setting / equipment management
  • Circuit Provisioning
  • netFLEX® Circuit Analysis Tool (CAT) for automated troubeshooting of Wavelength and TDM services
  • Ethernet management

Generate revenue

netFLEX® Optical VPN is a premier vehicle for end customer management of optical transport and data services. In this configuration, netFLEX® software enables service providers to generate revenue by partitioning network devices and network management features among customers.

By providing secure network access, netFLEX® software allows customer network management of owned, leased and virtual private networks. Users, who can number from a handful to many thousands, each have their own preferences, permissions, and views of the network facilities that they lease.

netFLEX® Optical VPN offers:

  • A highly scalable solution
  • Simple secure web access
  • Secure provisioning, fault and PM management features on a customer specific partitioned basis
  • Optimal configuration management

Proactively manage infrastructure to meet commitments and avoid SLA payments/refunds

The netFLEX EPM configuration provides real-time monitoring and preventive maintenance system capabilities that enable providers to manage their network infrastructures proactively to maximize revenues by avoiding SLA payments/refunds.

EPM provides:

  • Real-time receipt and display of “threshold crossing alerts” (TCAs)
    Retrieval and display of 15 minute performance data on demand and
    24 hour performance data on scheduled basis
  • Graphical and tabular reporting and analysis
  • Problem PM display to isolate problems of particular interest.
  • Problem circuit states include predefined states such as Investigate, Repair, Study, Chronic, and Trouble as well as customer defined states.
  • Worklists and hourly PM
  • Trending for flagged circuits
  • Performance Percent Quality Value (PQV) calculations
  • Custom integration to engineering and ticket systems