Ethernet PM

netFLEX® software supports real-time collection and Ethernet PM analysis across a range of vendor network element types, presenting the results to the user via its centralized web GUI and powerful reporting. Features include:

●     User definable timeframe and statistics collected

●     Direct retrieval of data from network elements

●     Manual and automatic refresh of data

●     Auto-protect capabilities to minimize network congestion

Performance management and service level agreement (SLA) reports provide all necessary information about transmit and receive volumes, peak and average utilizations, and errors for services and interface ports.

Additional Ethernet PM capabilities include:

  • A forecast module to help predict exhaust
  • A threshold-based reporting tool to help users focus on key parameters
  • Tools to display and analyze day to day Ethernet traffic growth

The solution supports standard Y.1731 and 802.x for Ethernet OAM/SLA performance management for selected network elements to provide latency (packet delay), packet loss, delay variation (or jitter), and availability/MTTR information.

netFLEX® Ethernet PM provides exceptional Ethernet traffic visibility and analysis.

Ethernet Provisioning

For converged networks of Ethernet over WDM or SONET, netFLEX® software also provides a simple forms-driven Ethernet provisioning solution, including:

  • Ethernet card provisioning
  • Quality of service shaping
  • Virtual switch management
  • Spanning tree management
  • VLAN management

netFLEX® software makes Ethernet over WDM and SONET provisioning processes simple, fast and accurate.  Contact us to explore viability in your network.