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Software Defined Networks & Transport

SDN discussions and development pursuits are primarily focused on Layer 2/3 and above functionality, NFV, DataCenter/Cloud… but what about transport? Without the transport network, none of the higher level services and applications would work. So how will transport networks and services be instantiated, changed, or removed in the new SDN enabled networks of today and tomorrow?

The netFLEX® platform is, and has always been, a multi-vendor Optical Domain Controller (ODC). It learns the network, from the network, via its auto-discovery and auto-inventory processes for DWDM, SONET, MSPP, DCS, and other network devices in real time. This provides the netFLEX® platform with the absolute most up to date view of the network and its current configuration. This functionality synchronized with the ability to provision wavelength and TDM circuits from A to Z, across disparate vendor platforms, allows netFLEX to be the most versatile multi-vendor Optical Domain Controller today.

Digital Experience (DX) Enablement



Multi-vendor solution with a standard API framework to consuming app’s. Enables simplified integrations for future network element additions. DISCOVER – ANALYZE – CONTROL capabilities, API enabled!

The only SDN Optical Domain Control solution that reflects…

Supplier Flexibility

Dozens of suppliers

Network-Element Flexibility

Hundreds of network elements & solutions supported

Supplier Flexibility

WDM, DCI, ADM, DCS, OTN, CE, Packet Optical, Whitebox/Open Source

Generation Flexibility

Decades of supported solutions

Domain Flexibility

All domains (supplier, solution, technology) Supported for DRI, DAA, ODC capabilities

DX Flexibility

Digital Experience – full Analytics, Inventory, & Control UI/UX and API extensibility

SDN Extended Reference Architecture



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