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Network & System

netFLEX Connect Partner Alliance Program members

With partners both large and small, our criteria are to work with partners who bring value to their customers, and with whom we together can improve the quality of networks worldwide.

Large Network of International & Domestic Technology Alliance Partners, Equipment OEM’s, Independent Software Vendors, System Integrators & Resellers, and Managed Service Providers


Technology Alliance Partners


Partner Integrations and Development to SDN or OSS/NMS Platforms

  • Ciena Blue Planet, MCP
  • Exfo Ontology
  • Ericsson WFA, TIRKS
  • Fujitsu Virtuora & NETSMART
  • Infinera DNA & Transcend
  • Multiple OSS Platforms, REST Inventory Integrations
  • REST/JSON, SNMP, TL1, ASCII, MTOSI/XML, netCONF/Yang, other Interfaces

Next Generation Multi-Vendor Transport (Supporting the networks being deployed today & tomorrow) 

  • Adva FSP-3000R7, FSP-3000RE
  • Ciena 6500 (Fixed, CD, CDC), RLS*, Waveserver, Waveserver Ai, Waveserver 5*, CES* (39XX, 51XX, 81XX, 87XX)
  • Cisco NCS 2000 / NCS 1002, ASR, Cisco 8000*, Acacia Optics*
  • Fujitsu 1Finity* (T100 / T300 / T600 / L100 / L110)
  • Infinera DTN/DTN-X, Flex-ILS*, G30, G42*, XTM*, Cloud Express*
  • Juniper Router/Switch family* (ACX, MX, PTX, other)
  • Nokia 1830: 1830 PSS family, 1830 PSI-2T, 1830 PSI-M, 7750/7210*
  • Disaggregated Networks / Open ROADM / White Box* – SmartOptics DCP-M40/M8, DCP-F*, Inphi, Optelian, Generic Passive Filters, others underway…

….and  more….

Classic and Legacy equipment supported, many others in addition to this list as well:

  • Accedian EtherNID/MetroNID — Anritsu 9620, 9622, 9967
  • Adtran Opti-6100, MX2800/2810/2820
  • Aethera (fMarconi, fPositron) OSR OC3 XTD, OSR OC12 XTD
  • Ciena Multiwave Metro, OC3 Express, 5410/5430, Optical Multiservice Edge 6500/OTN/EMOTR, 3100/3300/3400/3500/5100/5200/6110/6130, OC3/12 TBM, S/DMS TN OC48/OC192/Lite, Connect DX, Core Director/Core Director CL, Z-Series
  • Cisco ONS 15454 (M2, M6, M12),15327, 15600, 15800, ME3400, ONS 15310 MA/CL,7609, 2650XM, Catalyst 2960/3400/3550/3750, MGX1/MGX45, Various other Routers/Switches
  • Infinera/Coriant (fNSN) 7300, 7500, (fEastern Research/Sycamore) DNX-11/88, (fTellabs) 532x family, 5500, 5500 NGX, 7100
  • Fujitsu  7120, 7420, 9500 & 9500 HDS, FACTR, FLM 6/150/ 150+/600/2400, Flash192, Flash4100LS/4300/4500, 7500, CDS, Flashwave 4100ES
  • Nokia (Alcatel-Lucent) 1631 LMC, 1665 DMX, DMXtend, DMXpress, DMXplore, 1671 SC, 1675 LambdaUnite, 1677, 1678 MCC, 1692 MSE, 1695 WSM, 1696 MS, 1850 TSS family, 7330 ISAM, 7705/7750/7250/7450/OS6850, BSTDX8000, BSTDX9000, CBX500, DACS II/II-ISX/II-CEF/III/IV, DDM-2000, FT-2000, FiberReach, GX250, GX550, Litespan 2000/2012, MDR-8000, 9500 MXC, 9500 MPR, PSAX 1250, SLC2000, WaveStar 2.5G/10G/400/800G/BWM
  • Juniper BTI7060/7800
  • Turin Traverse 100/600/1600/2000
  • Telmar (Alcatel) 1603 SMX, 1630 SX, 1631 SMC, 1633, 1648 PS / LS, fDSC CS1/CS1L

……lots more………

*Under Development

The Right Relationships

LightRiver maintains direct relationships with the industry’s leading transport suppliers, to include those focused on whitebox/disagg solutions. These tight partnerships allow for an industry differentiated level of automation and integration that results in higher quality and full lifecycle support of the respective solutions (for the life of the technology).

LightRiver Software’s experienced and agile engineering team has developed the netFLEX software into a robust network automation platform. This allows the ability to quickly deploy the latest supplier network element without having to deploy another vendor-specific management system. The main driver behind these automations is to provide an operator of any size – the ability to automate end-2-end network automation of legacy, current, and disagg/open source transport networks for realtime service path understanding (network-as-source inventory), actionable analytics, and provisioning automations (enabler for control-loop). netFLEX is the only Optical Domain Controller (ODC) solution that addresses full life-cycle of the service automation from service instantiation, to proactive management, to automated analytics/visibility, in a flexible way that is unmatched within the industry (netFLEX = networkFLEXIBILITY).