WSO provides SDN-based domain control of next generation DWDM networks, including alarms monitoring, discovery and asset tracking, equipment commissioning, service provisioning, network assurance, and performance monitoring. This enables granular resource management and control and the ability to efficiently and effectively plan your network to meet your customers’ service needs. netFLEX marks a strategic shift from legacy, fragmented, product specific, network management software, leading the transformation to programmable operations that easily integrate into your business processes.

A Transport SDN platform that unifies monitoring, discovery, service automation, network optimization and dynamic assurance for delivery of profitable, on-demand DWDM Wavelength services for Global Cloud and Data Center networks.

Cloud and IoT operators expect to deliver network services on-demand so they can deploy whatever they need, whenever and wherever they need it. For operators, this means provisioning services, and doing so in a way that makes optimal use of their networks assets, and integrating next generation, best in class, products as they become available.

The netFLEX Wavelength Services Orchestrator is an intelligent automation platform combining Multi-Domain Alarms Monitoring and Wavelength Domain Service Awareness and Orchestration with Advanced Analytics for next generation DWDM, OTN and DCI solutions. Built on the foundations of Bell Labs innovation and powered by 21st agility, it provides the extensibility and openness to build intelligent networks for powering the digital age.

WSO facilitates the evolution toward more dynamic, highly dense and efficient, modernized network operations and software-defined programmability to accelerate the delivery of on-demand services, reduce costs, and enable a path to increased network autonomy.

Make your business more agile 

  • Utilize netFLEX MDH multidomain Fault Management
  • Leverage netFLEX Discover network and element auto-discovery, diagnostics and analytics
  • Support Multivendor Real-time Network Service Activation
  • Integrate new networks into a single Service Aware control instance
  • Enable Network Rollout Automation and Zero Touch Provisioning
  • Enhance Network understanding
  • Allow Mass Configuration / Network-wide feature instantiation
  • Add an agile Multivendor SDN gateway to Multi Domain Services Orchestration infrastructure

Card inventory management solution

netFLEX® network automation provides extensive reporting of auto-discovered card data, which users can query, sort, and filter to show only the data they need. Available data includes:

  • Element
  • Vendor
  • Equipment type
  • In service status
  • Serial numbers (when reported by the network elements)
  • Firmware revisions (when reported by the network elements)
  • Graphical shelf views for supported equipment types
  • All other vendor-specific information.

Customers can use the data delivered by the netFLEX® software card inventory management solution to:

  • Drive reconciliation with often error-prone inventory systems via NETCONF/YANG, REST/JSON, MTOSI, or the ASCII inventory interface. Inventory data can be provided for the entire network element, a specific card, or on a specific circuit.
  • Know the locations of cards that have vendor recalls
  • Identify the presence or absence of growth slots in network elements

WDM usage and utilization reporting

netFLEX® provides usage and utilization reporting to help users identify available wave capacity, whether in a given WDM network element, or an entire WDM network. Available reports also include:

  • Wavelength Services
  • Facility
  • Neighbor
  • Network Layout
  • Wavelength Usage
  • Wavelength Usage Matrix


netFLEX® WDM usage and utilization reporting tells users precisely what they have in their network and how it’s being used.


Automation and orchestration of network bandwidth services are fast becoming the primary battleground for service providers as they seek to deliver more and better services more quickly to compete.

Faster time to market, delivered with simpler network operations requiring fewer highly skilled resources, results in improved cash flow; and a better competitive position, at lower OPEX, and are all attainable with netFLEX WSO.

  • Cut long-term operational and capital costs
  • Speed up service launch and delivery
  • Maintain support for current revenue-bearing services
  • Preserve the useful life of existing network assets
  • Choose equipment and technology without vendor dependence or tradition
  • Build a resilient network that increases SLA compliance
  • Improve quality of service and customer experience
  • Quickly identify, anticipate, and meet customer needs
  • Open up a rich ecosystem of new revenue opportunities without constraints
  • Encourage Innovation with reduced risk


Deliver revenue-generating services faster