Maximize efficiency, utilization and network assurance

netFLEX® software functions as an “out of the box” open, SDN optical domain controller for legacy, current and next generation network elements from leading vendors such as Adva, Ciena, Cisco, Fujitsu, Infinera, Juniper and Nokia as well as an extensive range of other vendor’s network elements.

Domain discovery, control and orchestration for hundreds of packet optical devices, plus multidomain alarms monitoring and reporting:

  • Multidomain Fault Monitoring and reporting
  • Network discovery, analysis and inventory management
  • netFLEX® Circuit Analysis Tool (CAT) for automated troubleshooting of Wavelength and TDM services
  • Circuit Provisioning for Wavelength and TDM services


netFLEX® Multi-Domain Health (MDH)


Standard fault visibility for multidomain network & equipment troubles, plus alarm aggregation via north bound APIs for TDM, optical and packet network devices for NOC, Quality, Service Delivery and Customer Service.


netFLEX® Discover

Multidomain Alarm Monitoring and Optical Domain Network, Equipment and Circuit Auto-Discovery and PM with automated trouble isolation for the entire network via one system.  APIs for fault, discovery, and inventory of TDM, DCS, SONET & DWDM NE’s.  Data Analytics with trend analysis, enabling API integration to existing ticketing & dispatching systems for additional automation and software refresh, or northbound to MDSO or OSS, provide unique advantages to the entire network engineering, operations and support teams.


netFLEX® Optical Domain Controller (ODC)


Monitor, discover, maintain and provision the entire optical network via one system, with multidomain alarms monitoring and reporting.  Automated trouble isolation and simplified provisioning of SONET & DWDM networks, along with a suite of API functionality and northbound interfaces enables the Service Delivery team to set the standard.


netFLEX® Wavelength Service Orchestration (WSO)


Discovery, trouble isolation, refresh & recovery, provision & reconfiguration of next generation, multivendor, DWDM and DCI networks, plus multidomain alarms monitoring and reporting. APIs also available for monitoring, inventory, and provisioning and northbound to MDSO or OSS give Global Cloud Network operators the increased power to innovate.

netFLEX® Optical VPN (OVPN)

netFLEX® Optical VPN is a premier vehicle for end customer management of optical transport services. In this configuration, netFLEX® software enables service providers to generate revenue by partitioning network devices and network management features among customers.


By providing secure network access, netFLEX® software allows customer network management of owned, leased and virtual private networks. Users, who can number from a handful to many thousands, each have their own preferences, permissions, and views of the network facilities that they lease.