The SDN Controller in a software-defined network (SDN) is the “brains” of the network. It is the application that acts as a strategic control point in the transport network, managing flow control to the optical devices ‘below’ (via southbound APIs) and the applications and business logic ‘above’ (via northbound APIs) to deploy intelligent networks.

Make your business more agile

Monitor, discover, maintain and provision the entire optical network via one system, with multidomain alarms monitoring, discovery, diagnosis, analytics and reporting.  Automated trouble isolation and simplified provisioning of DWDM & SONET networks, along with a suite of API functionality and northbound interfaces for OSS and SDN integration, moves the power to succeed to the operator.

Deliver high-quality services faster and more easily through network automation – add, change, and delete services without disrupting overall service, and help ensure that services are delivered in real time.

From a single GUI, the netFLEX® Optical Domain Controller (ODC) seamlessly supports network management functionality across a wide range of legacy and next generation optical network element and device types, including:

  • DWDM, DCI, SONET, DACS, Ethernet, TDM, ATM, Frame Relay
  • Multiple hardware & software vendors
    • Adva, Ciena, Cisco, Fujitsu, Infinera, Juniper, Nokia
  • Multiple generations of equipment and technologies

 By actively managing the network and transport technologies, Network Operators using netFLEX® ODC are able to: 

  • Utilize netFLEX multidomain Fault Management
  • Leverage netFLEX Discover network and element auto-discovery, diagnostics and analytics
  • Support Multivendor Real-time Network Service Activation
  • Integrate new networks into a single Service Aware control instance
  • Enable Network Rollout Automation and Zero Touch Provisioning
  • Enhance Network understanding
  • Allow Mass Configuration / Network-wide feature instantiation
  • Add an agile Multivendor SDN gateway to Multi Domain Services Orchestration infrastructure
  • Include Legacy Networks Programmability into next gen network



  • Add new services at contract
  • Reduce provisioning errors
  • Maximize asset utilization and return
  • Enable a truly Service Aware Network through automation
  • Improve architectural and operations planning
  • Respond to performance issues proactively
  • Choose when and where to perform proactive maintenance tasks and windows
  • Save significantly on service level agreement (SLA) compliance, rebates and payments
  • Increase customer satisfaction by reducing service outages.
  • Eliminate ‘Swivel-Chair’ environments
  • Automate audits
  • Enable Optical Network Analytics
  • Insure Network resiliency
  • Reduced Mean Time to Repair
  • Enables use of Best in Class technology for every part of your transport network, providing independence and control
    • Network Transition Enabler (to new Vendor, Technology, Inventory)

Reduce Reliance on Multiple, and Legacy, EMS Deployments

netFLEX® ODC provides users with complete, integrated, and extremely robust multiple vendor network and element management through a single web interface. It supports an exceptionally broad range of vendor equipment types, together with extensive NMS/EMS extensions.

  • Eliminates or reduces dependence on other NMS/EMS tools and NE vendor specific Element Managers/CITs
  • Enables swift and accurate attendance to network needs
  • Delivers greater efficiencies and reliability
  • Enables users to save on floor space, power, insurance, training, maintenance and upgrades.