netFLEX Multi-Domain Health (MDH) provides transport operators with a multidomain, multivendor, multiproduct, and multigeneration software solution for alarm and fault management. This allows MDH to empower operators with the ability to quickly detect network failures and identify affected networks and equipment through an easy-to-use Dashboard. Supported device types include DWDM, OTN, SONET, TDM, DCS, Ethernet switches, and MPLS routers. In addition, MDH supports TL1, SNMP, and MTOSI interfaces to satisfy fault receipt and export requirements.

MDH Capabilities include:

  • Alarms & Alerts monitoring across multiple transport domains
    • Includes the ability for users to set alarm block / maintenance states
  • Alarm Processing & Reporting
  • Alarms History & Analysis
    • Track Events across Long Haul, Regional and Metro Optical and Packet Networks by element, node, service, circuit or port
  • Reduced Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)

netFLEX Multi-Domain Health provides:

  • Real-time receipt and display of “threshold crossing alerts” (TCAs)
  • Graphical and tabular reporting and analysis
  • Problem PM Report that isolates problems of interest
  • Worklists and hourly PM
  • Custom integration to engineering and ticket systems

Alarm awareness is crucial in a Service Aware Network and netFLEX MDH continuously captures, processes and sorts alarms into user defined groups directly from multivendor network elements, or via related vendor EMS.  Network Operations Centers can use the netFLEX default color scheme or customize alarms so their priority properly reflects the severity of the alarm.

Using a consistent interface, netFLEX MDH publishes current alarm lists and alarm information across multiple vendors and correlates them to affected elements and facilities, for all equipment in the transport network – Layer 0, 1, 2, 3 – and can be used to acknowledge, sort, enable/disable and distribute alarms for network monitoring.

netFLEX MDH includes an alarm history database that logs entries at the network and network element level, in a retrievable record for audit, text and graphical analysis and reporting.

netFLEX End-2-End Image 060619