netFLEX® Discover is the market’s leading performance management system for real-time monitoring, diagnosis and analysis of multivendor, multigeneration DWDM, DCI, OTN, SONET, DACS, ATM, TDM and Frame Relay transport networks, offering:

  • netFLEX Fault and Alarms monitoring and processing
  • Network Topology Auto-discovery
  • Automatically Discover and Inventory multigeneration networks, including their cards/facilities
  • Simplified data collection from multiple sources across the network and
  • Uses netFLEX® Circuit Analysis Tool (CAT)  to diagnose & pinpoint root cause
  • Automated performance quality value (PQV) calculations
  • Scheduled PM collection
  • Up/down trend arrows for performance quality
  • Rank ordering of facilities to identify the worst performers
  • Multi-featured worklist and hourly PM to share & track poorly performing facilities
  • Retrieves, Processes & Stores Network Information for client use On Demand
  • Detects Changes in NE Cards and Automatically Updates Inventory
  • Card Inventory Reporting, Including Export Options
  • Product Change Notification (PCN)
  • Node Usage / Ring Utilization Reports
  • Discrepancy Analysis
  • Northbound flow of Inventory and flat-file interfaces to Resource Managers
  • Real-time receipt and display of “threshold crossing alerts” (TCAs)
  • Graphical and tabular reporting and analysis
    • Extensive Reporting, including Topology, Inventory, Utilization, Health, Historical Reports
    • Problem PM display to isolate problems of particular interest.
    • Analytics Trending for flagged circuits
  • Custom integration to engineering and ticket systems

Simplify your network operations

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By actively monitoring network performance rather than just waiting for faults to be reported, Network Operators using netFLEX® Discover are able to:

  • Respond to performance issues proactively
  • Choose when and where to perform proactive maintenance tasks and windows
  • Save significantly on service level agreement (SLA) compliance, rebates and payments
  • Increase customer satisfaction by reducing service outages.
  • Eliminate ‘Swivel-Chair’ environments
  • Automate audits
  • Enable Optical Network Analytics
  • Insure Network resiliency
  • Increase network utilization and maximize capacity
  • Improve planning
  • Reduced Mean Time to Repair
  • Enables use of Best in Class technology for every part of your transport network, providing independence and control
    • Network Transition Enabler (to new Vendor, Technology, Inventory)