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realize true network flexibility

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Network Automation and Control

Network Automation and Control

To make complex networks and operational environments, all look the same (simplify, standardize)

Programmability of Visibility & Control

Programmability of Visibility & Control

Leveraging actionable analytics and customer-defined APIs/Services (personalize)

Industry Challenges

Network expansion and technology evolution has resulted in generations of diverse transport technologies and suppliers. This disparity has resulted in complexity that is overwhelming to manage at scale. As the dependency on humans increases, so does the expectation of end-customers to be Self Serve and Proactive.

  • Significant transport complexity as the network grows & evolves

  • Network Inventory is the foundation, is never up-to-date, impacting all business functions

  • Reactive service assurance will never meet Customer Experience expectations

  • Human hands are still touching the network – quality and scale impacted

The Solution

Comprehensive transport network automation to make it all look the same. Uniform network management and automation that can be leveraged within a network operator or extended to partners and customers.

  • Generations of industry leading multi-vendor and multi-technology support

  • Realtime inventory and analytics leveraged to automate the service life-cycle

  • Significant cost avoidance and business scale through uniform automation

  • Enabler of Digital Transformation and customer Self Serve


“When you can make the disparity of the underlying network look the same to operations personnel and connected systems, you have achieved business scale. netFLEX helped us achieve this simplification for our Global Transport Network.”

— Tier 1 Service Provider, C-Level

How It Works

We make it all look the same.

  • UI: Standardized single-pane-of-glass for Realtime Inventory, Analytics, Assurance & Test Automation, Visualizations (map, chassis, logical, custom-reporting), and so much more.

  • API: Multi-vendor solution with a standard API framework to consuming apps. Enables simplified integrations for future network evolution.

As the network evolves and changes…
the “make it all look the same…stays the same.”

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Network Abstraction

Enable Control Automation to all consuming app’s (i.e. OSS/BSS, UI/UX, other) for automation of service instantiation, feedback-loop controls, and broader.

Proven Success

Large netFLEX deployment(s) already in place across each of the different segments, including Tier 1 Wireline Service Provider, Tier 1 Wireless Service Provider, Tier 1 DataCenter, Tier 1 Exchange Provider, Tier 1 FANG/Cloud, Tier 1 Utility, and more across North America and worldwide

Only Solution

That includes Discovered Inventory, Actionable Analytics, and Control Automation, across the industries’ core technology platforms.

network FLEXibility

Across Every Functional Area. The only SDN Optical Domain Control solution that reflects…supplier FLEXibility, technology FLEXibility, generation FLEXibility, domain FLEXibility, DX FLEXibility


Of Visibility & Control, as the operator and customer would define. Unique interworking between realtime inventory, actionable analytics, and control automation — without these three in concert, programmability does not happen!

Digital Experience (DX)

Cross platform UI to make it all look the same. Uniform API framework to expose all Discover, Analytics, and Control capabilities to End Customer or Operator consuming applications.

Ready for Network Automation and Programmability?