Network as the Inventory

netFLEX® Discover capabilities provide realtime inventory using the ‘network as source’ enabling service providers and operators with the most up-to-date representation as required for service instantiation and change, as well as for service assurance and understanding of realtime service path, topology, and correlation.

Direct, Active, & Accurate Inventory

netFLEX directly connects to and actively communicates with network elements (NEs) to discover the network from the network and automatically detect changes in near-realtime to ensure accurate inventory data of NEs, cards, services, and more.

  • Design & instantiate services from ‘as-is-inventory’
  • Eliminate provisioning errors caused by stale inventory data
  • Service assurance based on the ‘network as source’
  • Realtime service path for assurance automation
  • Equip network planners with accurate data on usage and utilization
  • Equip network engineers with accurate data on existing circuits and routes.
  • Stay on top of capacity management with a real understanding of network inventory
    • Don’t be surprised when you run out of capacity, and;
    • Don’t unintentionally grow network when network already exists

Open & Personalized Inventory

netFLEX inventory data is made easily accessible from its web-based reports and standard API framework.

  • Customizable reports provide a view of only what’s needed
  • Pinpoint NE and card locations
  • Discover available capacity
  • Reconcile stale OSS inventory data
  • Ensure that customers are not impacted during network grooms or migrations

Discovery – See it All!

netFLEX provides reporting of all auto-discovered elements, which users can query, sort, and filter to show just the data they need (UI or API). Available data includes:

  • Network element & equipment type
  • Vendor
  • Equipment type
  • In service status
  • Serial numbers if reported by the network element
  • Firmware revisions if reported by the network element
  • Graphical shelf views for supported equipment types
  • Vendor-specific information
  • And much much more…

WDM Usage & Utilization Reporting

netFLEX® provides usage and utilization reporting to help users identify available wave capacity, whether in a given WDM network element, or an entire WDM network. Available reports also include:

  • Wavelength Services
  • Facility
  • Neighbor
  • Network Layout
  • Wavelength Usage
  • Wavelength Usage Matrix

netFLEX® WDM usage and utilization reporting tells users precisely what they have in their network and how it’s being used.


Wide Vendor and Technology Support

As with all netFLEX capabilities, its inventory features support a wide range of vendors and technologies including DWDM, OTN, DCI, SONET, and more, from leading vendors such as Adva, Ciena, Cisco, Fujitsu, Nokia, and many more.