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The Service Assurance Opportunity

Don’t wait for the network to break.
Don’t wait for the customer to call.

The biggest impact to Customer Experience is the availability and uptime of their network. Most operators are ‘eyes on glass,’ waiting for something to break, and apply an ‘are you there’ approach to network management.

Our Solution


90% Reduction in Troubleshooting Time

DAA collects all vital health and performance data from the network to automatically detect, predict, and resolve issues. The ability to correlate all realtime and historical performance data with the actual inventory, allows for industry leading service assurance automation within the transport domain. We make the data actionable, so you can stop waiting.

Use Cases & Outcomes

Under a Minute

Less than a minute to determine service path, gather data, and isolate the transport issue, by reducing swivel-chair.

Reduce SLA Payouts

By fixing it, before it breaks, which can mean millions saved.

Save Hours

Save time with the most accurate information for your technicians.


Create a revolutionary positive change in your Customer Experience.


Product Brief: Discover Analyze Assure

Video: netFLEX DAA Ride-Along

Application Brief: Global Tier 1 Interconnection and Data Center Provider

Brief: The Transport Management Dilemma

Performance Monitoring & Management

The ultimate objective of assurance automation is to leverage ‘realtime’ discovered inventory, ‘actionable’ data/analytics, and control automation – all from the ‘live’ network. These critical functions are required for feedback-loop programmability to auto-detect, auto-predict, auto-test/triage, and auto-restore issues on the network. With these three functions (discover, analyze, control) required for control-loop-actionability, most solutions today lack one or two of these. Likewise, gaps exist today where test-automation does not cover the vastness of multi-vendor, multi-generation, and multi-technology as deployed in large operator networks. netFLEX Analytics and Assurance Automation reflects a family of capabilities that addresses all of these.

  • Performance Quality Validation for Proactive and Predictive Management

  • SLA Management

  • Proactive Optical Wavelength Restoration

  • Customer-defined thresholding and control-loop actioning (as applied to the above)

  • Circuit Analysis Tool (demo and details below)

netFLEX® enhanced performance management solutioning for transport networks provides additional capabilities and tools. This allows for broader actionability through API/Services and custom integrations in support of…

  • Ticketing and dispatch platform actionability to technicians

  • Advanced reporting to network health engineers

  • Identifying and monitoring of chronic troubles

  • Reducing repeat reports and other network measurable metrics

Circuit Analysis Tool


On-Demand or analytics driven. Available through netFLEX UI/UX or API/Services. Multivendor end-2-end view of service path/inventory, fault, performance analysis, custom-defined thresholding, and options for auto-restoral.

Live Fault, Topology, Performance in a Single Common View

  • Engineering View (via Northbound Interface)

  • Network View (via auto-discovery)

  • Discrepancy Analysis

  • Circuit Connectivity Trace

  • Circuit Continuity Analysis

  • Diagnostic Information

  • Per Span Performance

  • Tail Trace Identifiers

  • Service/Destination Access Point IDs

  • WDM Light Levels / Power

Each NE, from each supported supplier, from multiple generations of supported equipment, is portrayed identically within netFLEX CAT, Trace, Logical View, and broader.