Proactively Eliminate Potential Transport Network Problems

Automate the Detection, Test/Triage, and Remediation of Problems

netFLEX® Performance Monitoring and Management

The ultimate objective of assurance automation is to leverage ‘realtime’ discovered inventory, ‘actionable’ data/analytics, and control automation – all from the ‘live’ network. These critical functions are required for feedback-loop programmability to auto-detect, auto-predict, auto-test/triage, and auto-restore issues on the network. With these three functions (discover, analyze, control) required for control-loop-actionability, most solutions today lack one or two of these. Likewise, gaps exist today where test-automation does not cover the vastness of multi-vendor, multi-generation, and multi-technology as deployed in large operator networks. netFLEX Analytics and Assurance Automation reflects a family of capabilities that addresses all of these.

  • Performance Quality Validation for Proactive and Predictive Management
  • SLA Management
  • Proactive Optical Wavelength Restoration
  • Customer-defined thresholding and control-loop actioning (as applied to the above)
  • Circuit Analysis Tool (demo and details below)

netFLEX® enhanced performance management solutioning for transport networks provides additional capabilities and tools. This allows for broader actionability through API/Services and custom integrations in support of…

  • Ticketing and dispatch platform actionability to technicians
  • Advanced reporting to network health engineers
  • Identifying and monitoring of chronic troubles
  • Reducing repeat reports and other network measurable metrics


On-Demand or analytics driven. Available through netFLEX UI/UX or API/Services. Multivendor end-2-end view of service path/inventory, fault, performance analysis, custom-defined thresholding, and options for auto-restoral.


  • Engineering View (via Northbound Interface)
  • Network View (via auto-discovery)
  • Discrepancy Analysis
  • Circuit Connectivity Trace
  • Circuit Continuity Analysis
  • Diagnostic Information
  • Per Span Performance
  • Tail Trace Identifiers
  • Service/Destination Access Point IDs
  • WDM Light Levels / Power

Every NE, from every vendor, from every generation of equipment is portrayed identically in the netFLEX end-2-end logical view.