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LightRiver Software can provide equipment vendors with a carrier-grade and carrier-proven netFLEX® software – based customized network and element management system for their products in a matter of weeks.

LightRiver Software’s experienced and flexible development team can customize the netFLEX® management platform to meet each user’s precise needs in one of two ways:

  • As a branded element management system for new products
  • As a multi-vendor network management system to help integrate new sales smoothly into pre-existing networks.

LightRiver Software can also quickly and easily incorporate support for vendors’ products into the existing netFLEX® software suite of NMS/EMS, OVPN, and EPM products. This means that vendors’ new products can quickly be deployed to existing netFLEX® software customers who wish to purchase them but do not wish to deploy yet another proprietary management system in order to use them.

Whether the LightRiver Software solution they choose is incorporating a product into the current netFLEX® suite, or building on netFLEX® to create a custom management system just for them, vendors will be pleased and surprised by its:

  • low cost
  • speed of delivery