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Complete Turnkey Network Management

From a Single GUI

LightRiver Software’s industry-leading netFLEX® telecommunications management system simplifies and improves the operation of transport networks. It seamlessly integrates multiple technologies and multi-generational equipment from multiple vendors with real-time Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance and Security (FCAPS) management.

netFLEX® software enables users to perform all operations and receive all pertinent network information seamlessly from a single platform. It provides a single browser-based GUI for DWDM, SONET, Ethernet, MSPP, ATM, frame relay, radio, digital cross-connect systems and other network devices from a wide range of vendors including Adva, Ciena/Nortel, Cisco, Fujitsu, Infinera, NOKIA/Alcatel-Lucent, and Tellabs.

Comprehensive Capability

Powered by an intelligent, high-performance solution, the netFLEX system base network management layer functionality includes:

Fault management

Finds and isolates faults with Real Time Fault Awareness and Historical Analysis. Reduces MTTR, improving service while reducing restoration costs.

Configuration management

Provisions across multi-vendor networks—improves speed, accuracy, and ease of provisioning.

DWDM & TDM Performance management

Heads off hard faults before they happen. Increases MTBF—better service and reduced restoration costs.


Controls access, appearance and permissible activities on a per-user, per-feature basis.

Security management

Supports thousands of internal and external users, each with their own network view. Multi-level User-ID / Password Support.

Inventory support

Supports NE Card/facility and Topology Auto-discovery. Detects Changes in NE Cards and Automatically Updates Inventory.

Extensive reporting

Provides wide range of customizable reports to manage quality, performance, capacity, and inventory. Point and click GUI.

Ethernet Performance management

Polls, stores and reports PM parameters provided by NEs.

Northbound interfaces for OSS-OSS interworking

MTOSI, TL1, SNMP, ASCII, and CUSTOM interfaces