Improve Network Uptime – Multidomain, Multivendor, Fault Management

The netFLEX software multidomain, multivendor, multigeneration fault management solution enables users to monitor their networks as single seamless entities, rather than as fragmented collections of parts is available in all netFLEX products. This allows users to:

●     Monitor DWDM, SONET, TDM, DCS, Ethernet, MPLS and other gear in ONE system, ONE view, displaying the network how it really exists, INTEGRATED TOGETHER

●     Integrate Optical, TDM, & Ethernet alarms into ONE list for monitoring. TL1, SNMP, CLI communication methods to network devices are all supported.

●       Capture faults in two ways, proactively and reactively, reducing mean time to repair.

Network visibility

A missed alarm can leave undetected problems in a network. netFLEX® software, which is scalable from small to several hundred thousand managed network elements and devices, remotely supervises the network to

●     Capture network messages in real-time

●     Analyze captured messages for type of alarm and severity

●     Correlate them to affected network elements, circuits, and cards

●     Present them to GUI users, email recipients, and even to other systems

●     Store alarm data for historical analysis.

The netFLEX software network visibility solution ensures that users never miss any alarms.

User alerting

netFLEX’ powerful web GUI represents each one of a user’s network elements and devices as icons on a network map. Both icons and reports are color coded for alarm severity and status. Users can drill down from dashboard to detail with just a few clicks. For users who are away from the netFLEX GUI, alerts can also be sent by email.

netFLEX® makes users aware of new alarms in just moments, enabling them to:

●     Identify and correct faults sooner

●     Reduce mean time to repair

●     Increase network uptime

Alarm/Trap forwarding

For users with consolidated fault management systems that span all of their telephony infrastructure, netFLEX® can provide REST/JSON, SNMP, TL1, MTOSI and ASCII delivery of fault data to those systems via robust Northbound interfaces.

netFLEX® Alarm/Trap Forwarding enables users to easily incorporate netFLEX® into their operations support hierarchy.

Graphical correlation

netFLEX® clearly represents network elements and devices on a map of the user’s network.

At a glance, netFLEX® users can easily:

●     View how the network is connected together

●     Correlate faults to affected equipment

●     Locate problems precisely, even in a network of equipment from multiple vendors with multiple technologies.

Chronic problem analysis

netFLEX’ real-time capture of network element alarms and alerts is stored to a powerful ‘alarm list’ for problem analysis. Users can query and filter the list by a variety of fields including current alarm status, circuit ID, severity, alarm type, and equipment type, and can generate custom views and reports. netFLEX® also enables users to graph alarms over time.

This means that users can

●     Distinguish glitches from chronic problems

●     Improve the quality and operations of their network over time.

Network Assurance

Minimize the risk of network failures and customer complaints and avoid costs of downtime penalties.

Both internal and external customers alike rely on your network services for their mission-critical applications. Service reliability is a critical component in gaining their loyalty and trust.

netFLEX provides surveillance capabilities that aggregate alerts from all transport elements —so you can act before your customers are negatively impacted. With a multi-domain visualization of the state of the network’s health, netFLEX allows you to be proactive in keeping your network and services running smoothly