LightRiver’s core mission has always been based on a multi-vendor approach that enables our customers to select and implement best-of-breed technologies and capabilities in the most efficient manner possible.

Such an approach fosters collaboration, opens up new opportunities, and accelerates the development and adoption of disruptive technologies through a common approach.  Operators select the best-in-class technologies and solutions that best suit the specific business need, allowing each vendor to shine in their area of leadership.

LightRiver’s standards-friendly, transport focused software platform focuses on collaboration and provides packet optical equipment vendors with a carrier-grade, widely deployed and carrier-proven optical domain gateway to help integrate products into a customer network in a matter of weeks.

LightRiver Software’s experienced and flexible engineering team has developed the netFLEX software into a robust management platform, which meets the various needs of its users, including:

  • As a discovery solution to feed analytics processing to assess technology fit
  • As a multivendor network management system to help integrate new sales smoothly into pre-existing legacy or multivendor networks.
  • The ability to quickly deploy the latest vendor network equipment without having to deploy another vendor management system.

LightRiver provides optical domain expertise and partnerships to accelerate network transformation—enabled by the netFLEX platform for integrated multivendor network visibility, intelligence, control and automation.