Reduce Provisioning Time and Errors

netFLEX® ODC/WSO circuit provisioning

The netFLEX software integrated circuit provisioning solution functions across vendors, equipment generations and technologies. It learns the network, from the network, via its proprietary auto-discovery and auto-inventory processes for WDM, SONET, MSPP, DCS, and other network devices in real time. Allowing point-and-click GUI users to:

  • Find available capacity
  • Connect, disconnect and modify circuits
  • Locate and report on existing facilities and circuits
  • Greatly reduce provisioning time
  • Virtually eliminate provisioning failures due to database errors

The power of netFLEX software provides the ability to virtually eliminate provisioning failures by allowing users to implement in minutes what otherwise might take hours or even days using other provisioning methods.


netFLEX® software and automation go hand in hand. With its real-time view of the network and standardized and custom interfaces, netFLEX software can:

  • Send real-time network data to engineering and circuit design systems
  • Completely automate the entire provisioning process from A to Z for all wavelength and TDM services
  • Be connected to a SDN Orchestrator as the transport control plane for various vendors equipment via our REST/JSON API

netFLEX software’s automation allows companies to eliminate human provisioning errors, speed up the overall provisioning process, and keep pace with the ever changing transport network.

A-Z point and click

The comprehensive point and click capability of netFLEX software enables users to launch end-to-end circuit activation or disconnection on demand. Even across vendors and technologies, netFLEX software will find available network capacity and propose a route. It then allows users to:

  • Modify its proposed route if desired
  • Activate the chosen route with a click
  • Use the netFLEX circuit provision schedule and pre-planned rearrangement features to defer provisioning changes until they are required.

netFLEX® software streamlines route selection and activation/disconnection leading to increased productivity.

Ethernet provisioning

For converged networks of Ethernet over WDM or SONET, netFLEX® software also provides a simple forms-driven Ethernet provisioning solution, including:

  • Ethernet card provisioning
  • Quality of service shaping
  • Virtual switch management
  • Spanning tree management
  • VLAN management

netFLEX® software makes Ethernet over WDM and SONET provisioning processes simple, fast and accurate.

Fine tune control

Users who don’t want netFLEX® software to propose a route have complete node-by-node control to select the exact nodes and ports they need. netFLEX software then handles all communications to the network elements and sends the correct commands to the relevant equipment.

Users can even design their circuits in external systems and ‘push’ the activation to the netFLEX system, via netFLEX’ MTOSI or CORBA interfaces today, or if they wish, via a custom interface built to their specifications.

netFLEX® software gives users node-by-node control when desired.