Proactively Eliminate Potential Network Problems

netFLEX® Performance Monitoring and Management

The netFLEX® Discover, ODC and WSO products provide a full range of performance monitoring, troubleshooting and performance management (PM) visibility and analysis tools. These include support for

● Circuit Analysis Tool (CAT) (Watch our Demo-Jam here!)

● Transport PM

● DWDM, OTN & TDM Enhanced Performance Management

netFLEX enhanced performance management solution for transport networks provides additional capabilities and tools and allows netFLEX to be integrated with a ticket system to automate:

● Alarm to ticket creation and dispatching

● Identifying and monitoring of chronic troubles

● Reducing repeat reports and other network measurable metrics

netFLEX® gives users what they need to keep their transport network up and running smoothly, proactively locate potential network bottlenecks and problems, and address issues before they affect service.

netFLEX® System Circuit Analysis Tool

Circuit Analysis with Dynamic Topology, Fault, and Performance Analysis. Improve service; reducing restoration costs.

Live Fault, Topology, Performance In A Single Common View

  • Engineering View (via Northbound Interface)
  • Network View (via auto-discovery)
  • Discrepancy Analysis
  • Circuit Connectivity Trace
  • Circuit Continuity Analysis
  • Diagnostic Information
  • Per Span Performance
  • Tail Trace Identifiers
  • Service/Destination Access Point IDs
  • WDM Light Levels / Power

Every NE, from every vendor, from every generation of equipment is portrayed identically in netFLEX logical view

DWDM, OTN & TDM Enhanced Performance Management

netFLEX® software supports a robust performance management capability for DWDM wave and TDM circuits. netFLEX® enables users to view collected PM and active alarms on specified circuits and associated ports. It captures, analyzes and tracks circuit degradation problems for resolution before they become customer reports. Features include:

● Calculation of a circuit level Percent Quality Value (PQV) component for each port in a circuit

● Graphical analysis of PQV trends

● Fast identification of the worst performing facilities

● Instant views of improvement and degradation indicators

● Optional “state” worklists where the user can flag poor performers for more frequent monitoring, further investigation, and resolution.

netFLEX has demonstrated the ability to:

● Significantly reduce customer report rates

● Reduce trouble clearance times

● Improve customer circuit up-time performance

● Dramatically reduce personnel costs including service rebates that may be associated with SLA offerings.